Miami Live Female Aesthetic Genital Surgery Course

Objective of

Upon completion of this course the trainee will:


(2 Full Day Course)

Course Outline

Thursday: arrive to Miami, Fl in evening (hotel of choice) 
Friday (Didactics and Cadaver Dissection) – bring scrubs for cadaver dissection

9:00 AM – Introduction to Miami Female Genital Surgery Course
(Outline review)
9:15 AMFemale Genital Surgery Overview and Marketing tips for Female Genital Surgery procedures

  • Brochures, website development (privacy)
  • Mommy make over combination procedures
  • Office staff implementation and staff incentivizing

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Genital Surgery Basics:

  • Review of Female Genital Anatomy
  • Pertinent findings in History and Physical examination  (chaperone, documentation)
  • CD10 codes in medically indicated insurance covered procedures
  • CPT codes for medically indicated insurance covered procedures
  • Operative patient positioning / photography
  • Lighting, and exposure for procedures
  • Instrumentation for procedure (Robbins instruments – special Genital surgery set)
  • Vaginal and vulvar anesthetic techniques for office and O.R. (pudendal nerve block)
  • Basic genital surgery perioperative care

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Aesthetic Procedures of the Mons Pubis, Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood

  • Mons pubis liposuction
  • Mons pubis surgical lifting (monsplasty)
  • Labia minora surgical reduction (different techniques)
  • Clitoral hood surgical reduction (clitoral hood contouring for glansclitorisexposure)
  • Clitoral augmentation (hyaluronic acid and suspensory ligament release)

Aesthetic Procedures of the Labia Majora:

  • Labia majora surgical reduction
  • Labia majora skin resection with auto augmentation
  • Labia majora augmentation with autologous tissue
  • Fat grafting
  • Dermal fat grafting
  • Labia majora augmentation with allograft fat grafting

Aesthetic Procedures of the Vagina:

  • Perineoplasty
  • Vaginoplasty: lateral colporraphy
  • Perineal body lengthening
  • Nonsurgical procedures of the vaginal canal (fat augmentation of vaginal wall)

Postoperative Care Protocols:

  • Physical limitations
  • Return to sexual function (limitations)
  • Avoiding complications
  • Topical medical therapies

12:00 PM to 1:00 PMBreak for Lunch

1:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Cadaver Dissection

  • Demonstration of Female Genital Surface Anatomy Clitoral nerve dissection
  • Labia minora reduction (central wedge resection technique) demonstration and instruction
  • Labia majora reduction demonstration and instruction
  • Labia majora augmentation with dermal fat (harvest and inset)
  • Labia majora augmentation with allograft fat
  • Clitoral hood reduction

1:00 pm to 5:00pmCadaver Dissection

  • Diamond perineoplasty
  • Perineal body lengthening
  • Vaginal tightening with lateral colporraphy
5:00 PMTravel to Hotel 
Saturday (Live Surgery Observation):

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Operating Room Observation of Live Surgery:

7:00 PM Departing Dinner in Miami

Course Fees


for a 2-day course

(didactics, cadaver and in-person live surgery)

Female genital surgery training

  • October 11-12, 2024
  • January 24-25, 2025
  • February 27-28, 2025

Accepted Payments

If you have any questions regarding fees, please contact [email protected]


Refund given for medical excuse of not being able to attend the course minus $500 and must be canceled within 4 weeks of the course start date.

If the course is rescheduled to an alternate date, then no cancellation fee is administered. If course cancelation is made less than 4 weeks prior to the course start date then $750 course cancellation fee is administered. If the course is rescheduled within this time, then a $500 cancellation fee is applied.

Funds will be immediately returned. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Christopher J. Salgado, MD is a graduate of Boston University where he obtained a Bachelors in Anatomy and Physiology and subsequently completed medical school at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. where he remained for his General Surgery training.  He then went on to the University of Rochester in N.Y. for Plastic Surgery training and spent a year in Taiwan for a fellowship in Microsurgery.  He served in the U.S. Army, as a MAJOR for four years, caring for wounded soldiers as a reconstructive surgeon and then remained in academic practice for the next 18 years in university hospitals, obtaining an academic rank of full Professor at the University of Miami.  He has over 130 papers in the peer-reviewed literature, has edited three books and has written multiple book chapters.  He is the Editor of three books in Plastic Surgery, specifically, a book on Aesthetic and Functional Surgery of the Genitalia. He has given the course on aesthetic genital surgery in women at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting for three years in the past and is a world expert in Aesthetic Female Genital Surgery and currently gives lectures all over the world on this topic.

Full Curriculum will be provided upon acceptance and registration into course

Upon completion of this course the participant will learn how to market female aesthetic genital procedures, identify patients who are candidates for aesthetic female genital procedures, learn about which patients may be qualified for insurance authorization or are simply those for elective aesthetic procedures and be able to independently carry out varied female aesthetic genital operations with a significant level of knowledge and comfort.  In addition, the participant will be able to avoid complications by following particular postoperative care protocols.

This will be discussed in detail during this course.

Recovery periods will be discussed during the two day course and is dependent on the procedures performed on the patients.  These postoperative care protocols will be delineated in the course.

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Where to stay and what to do in Miami


2 full days

Live Surgery

Secret Surgical Center, Doral Florida


Didactics, Cadaver dissection, and Live Surgery Observation of Female Aesthetic Genital Surgery


Have completed a residency in plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, or Urology; must provide documentation of completed residency in medical specialty


Didactics and Cadaver component: Larkin Community Hospital (Palm Springs Campus), Miami, Florida

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